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Lenovo Privacy Statement | Lenovo US

Posted by hermancopystars on 12/09/2022

Lenovo collects information about you and your Lenovo Product(s) and uses this information to keep your Lenovo Product(s) working their best and help you make the most of them. Please note that, in certain circumstances, if you do not provide us with personal information where required, we may not be able to provide you with the Lenovo Products you have requested.

Creating a User Profile

Your User Profile can consist of information we may have gathered from your contact with Lenovo, such as your visits to our websites, contact with our customer service representatives, Lenovo Product(s) registration information, and from certain Lenovo Products that you use. This lets us give certain Lenovo Products, as well as third-party services enabled on Lenovo Products, the information they need to function; troubleshoot problems you may have; suggest ways to make your Lenovo Products work better; provide you with news, updates, and information about your Lenovo Products; and, if you choose to receive marketing communications, provide you with news and information about additional Lenovo Products that you may be interested in.

Lenovo ID and Lenovo Product Registration

When you choose to create a Lenovo ID or register your Lenovo Product, we will collect information, including personal information, about you and your Lenovo Product(s). In addition to your Lenovo ID, we may ask you to provide additional information, such as your name, email address, language and region/country, product type/model, IP address, product serial number, date of product registration, and any activation data about your operating system.

We use your Lenovo ID to identify you when you use our online services, like our online store and customer support site. Your Lenovo ID and your personal information associated with it will not be connected to any product usage information we have collected. If you wish to change or deactivate your Lenovo ID, you may do so at any time by contacting

Keeping Your Software Up to Date

If you choose to allow collection of data from Lenovo Products, we may collect and use information about your Lenovo Product(s) to identify whether the software you are using is the most up to date version. We use this information to develop new products and software features and for solutions to fix bugs so that your Lenovo Product(s) run smoother and more efficiently.

Providing Customer Support

You may choose to provide us with information about how you use your Lenovo Product(s) to provide effective or enhanced customer support. The types of information we may collect about your Lenovo Product(s) include product serial number or other identification number; product type/model; IP address; and usage information about how you use your Lenovo Product(s) and its components, such as instrumentation and system functionality. If you choose to allow collection of personal information, Lenovo may also collect personal information including your name, user ID, and email address.

We use this information to troubleshoot issues you may have with your Lenovo Product(s); provide software bug fixes and other support services; and improve our service functions. If you decide you do not want to share this information with Lenovo, you may turn off the option for product usage data collection in the Privacy Settings of your Lenovo Product(s) and in a particular application.

Improving Our Products & Software

You may choose to provide us with information about how you use your Lenovo product(s) and software to improve Lenovo Products. The types of information we may collect include your product serial number or other identification number; product model/type; behavioral information about how you use your Lenovo Product(s) and software; and the Lenovo Product’s performance.

We use this information to identify performance trends of Lenovo Products and software; develop new product features for future models; todeliver an overall better user experience; and to send you product and service-related communications you choose to receive. If you decide you do not want to share this information with Lenovo, you may turn off the option for product data collection in the Privacy Settings of your Lenovo Product and in a particular application, or uninstall the particular application.

Software Usage Information

While you use your Lenovo Product(s), you may choose to provide us with information about your use of Lenovo applications. The information we may collect includes how often you use an application, which features you used within an application, and the application’s performance. The usage information we collect for this purpose does not directly identify you or your Lenovo Product(s), unless you have chosen to enable enhanced device support or “Help Improve” functionality on your Lenovo Products.

We use this software usage information to analyze the performance of Lenovo applications;to develop enhanced improvements for future versions; and to send you product and service-related communications you choose to receive. If at any time you wish to deactivate this information collection, you may do so in the Privacy settings within the specific application. For more information on how to deactivate the collection of software usage information in certain Lenovo applications, you can (i) open the Lenovo Settings application and turn off Usage Statistics collection, (ii) uninstall a particular application in the Control Panel or through the Settings menu, or (iii) visit the Lenovo Support page on limiting usage information collection here.

Lenovo Product, Software and Service Functionality

Certain Lenovo Products, software applications and services need to store performance information to operate. We will access this information only after you have chosen to enable or use these functions. This information includes product identifiers such as a serial number, application usage information and technical data. In the Lenovo smartphone and mobile devices context, this information may also include the location of your Lenovo Products and user generated content, such as audio for voice-activated applications. These applications will store this information locally on your Lenovo Product but, in specific circumstances, they may need to provide the information to Lenovo or an application partner to complete certain functions that you have chosen to enable, such as applications with voice-activated features or location-based services on your Lenovo Product(s).

If at any time you wish to limit or deactivate the collection of this information by Lenovo, you may (i) turn off data collection within the Privacy settings of your Lenovo Product or a particular application, (ii) refer to the “Settings” menu in your Lenovo Product or a particular application for specific instructions on how to disable or uninstall the application at issue, or (iii) visit the Lenovo Support site here for more information on how to uninstall Lenovo applications. Otherwise, please refer to product or application “Settings” for specific instructions on how to disable or uninstall the application at issue.

Applications that Handle Information – Additional Details

The following describes how certain Lenovo and Motorola applications handle your information. Please note that these descriptions may not include all Lenovo or Motorola applications available for or on your Lenovo Product. Also, not all Lenovo Products support all Lenovo or Motorola applications, and different Lenovo or Motorola applications may be available to you and may vary, depending on which Lenovo Product(s) you own.

Lenovo Applications:

Lenovo Connect 2+

With Lenovo Connect 2+, you can automatically copy or move photos, music, videos and other files between devices, such as your phone and PC. You can also set your PC to display notifications received by your phone, and continue tasks on a separate device than the one you started on. Also, Connect2+ can automatically connect your devices with no WIFI LAN or cellular data network required. Connect2+will collect location and device identifiers to ease the connection between your devices, as well as application usage data, such as what features of Connect2+ you use and how often you connect devices.

Lenovo Settings

Lenovo Settings is your hub for a smarter PC, with centralized access to all major hardware features and controls. In Settings, you can access a single interface to configure device functionality according to certain modes, atmosphere and usage, all based on your personal preferences. If you set your PC to automatically update according to location or network accessibility, Settings will collect corresponding data, such as WIFI and VPN information, to seamlessly update your system. All system information is collected and retained on your PC; however, you can choose to share anonymous information about how you use Settings.

Lenovo Companion

Lenovo Companion enables you to access and understand your computer’s best capabilities and features. You can use Companion to optimize your PC’s performance, monitor its health and manage ongoing updates. Companion will collect your PC’s device identifiers and event and usage data, such as system functionality, application use and support information. This information will be stored on your PC, and information about your use of Companion may be shared with Lenovo only if you opt-in to such data collection.

Lenovo Nerve Center

Lenovo Nerve Center is designed to enhance your gaming experience on Lenovo Gaming PCs. Nerve Center offers a hardware- and software-adaptive experience, and allows you to personalize many aspects of gaming on your PC. Nerve Center can collect your preferences for hardware functions such as keyboard, touchpad and speaker, while also assisting your video and audio recording while playing. Any system information and recordings collected with Nerve Center is retained on your Lenovo PC, and no sensitive information is shared with Lenovo.

Motorola Applications:


Motorola’s Camera application allows you to:

  • Tag your photos and videos with location data. When you share tagged photos with others, you will also share the location information. If you choose to geo-tag your photos and videos, Motorola’s Gallery app will use the information to help organize your views.
  • Launch the application without touching the screen by using contextual data derived from sensors to detect a launch gesture.
  • Take better pictures by using face detection and other analytics on what’s in your viewfinder to deliver the best image, which may occur before or after you triggered the shutter. You can compare the best image with the original picture you captured in Gallery and select which images to keep. Face detection information stays on your phone and doesn’t get uploaded to Motorola or shared with third parties. To help us troubleshoot performance issues, Camera will store image quality information in your photos’ metadata. Sharing the photos will also share image quality information.

Digital TV

Where supported, Motorola Digital TV brings the broadcast TV experience to your mobile device, with the additional support of the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and Ginga for user interactivity. Users may also record the TV programs they like and choose when to watch their favorite programs. Digital TV will collect certain anonymous event-based data, such as which channels are launched via Digital TV.


Motorola’s Gallery application has a Highlight Reel feature that helps you make short video clips from your best photos and video scenes, and a People view feature that lets you tag a person. For these features, Gallery will analyze and compare faces that appear in your photos and videos (in addition to other quality measurements) to select the best scenes or to group photos or videos. Gallery keeps all data collected from your photos and videos relating to facial analysis on device and uses it solely to create Highlight Reel content or to group photos or videos.


Moto makes your device more responsive by giving you more ways to control and interact with it. Moto makes it easier for you to get important notifications, control your device with your voice and gestures, and automate useful settings changes depending on where you are or what you may be doing at the time.

Moto Actions makes it easier to interact with your Motorola products by letting you use simple gestures to perform tasks quickly. Moto Actions will:

  • Twist your wrist quickly to open camera anytime.
  • Swipe down to the left or right to make the screen smaller for one-handed use.
  • Turn your flashlight on or off if you make two “chopping” motions.

Moto Display will show important notifications on the screen of supported products so you can get quick access to them without having to power on the screen or unlock your home screen. Moto Display accesses certain content like your contacts, calendar entries, along with other apps and the notifications they send you.

Moto Voice and Moto Alexa let you control your Motorola products hands-free by speaking commands. It will:

  • Help you respond to calls and texts with your voice when you’re driving, or at any location you choose.
  • Learn to recognize your voice and your launch phrase. This creates a mathematical representation of your voice sample that we use to trigger Moto Voice. For 2017 products and later, Moto Voice will keep the recording of your enrollment audios on your device for supporting complete Moto Voice functionality. For versions of Moto Voice that allow a custom launch phrase, Moto Voice will also keep a recording of it on your device for authentication purposes. You can also play it back to remind yourself at any time.
  • For 2016 and earlier products, we make a short recording after Moto Voice detects your launch phrase. We use this recording to either process your command or pass it onto Google Voice Search (locales other than China) or LingXi voice search (in China) and don’t upload it to Motorola servers unless you specifically agree to share your voice commands with us for performance analysis purposes.
  • See what apps you have installed on your phone so Moto Voice can help you control third-party apps with just your voice.
  • Please note that Amazon Alexa, which is enabled by the Moto Alexa functionality, is separately governed by Amazon’s privacy statements and Amazon’s Terms of Use for Alexa. Please review those applicable Amazon policies to learn how Amazon Alexa handles your information.

To complete these tasks, Moto:

  • Collects information about your Motorola products’ current location and uploads it to Motorola to help identify places of interest and to determine when you may be in a vehicle.
  • Uses contextual data obtained from your device’s microphone and sensors like the accelerometer and gyroscope to determine when to activate certain modes, but does not upload it to Motorola.
  • Accesses user-generated content like your calendar entries, contacts, and call history, but does not upload it to Motorola.

Where supported, Moto will utilize Google Activity Recognition to help understand contextual data and determine which modes to activate. Moto provides contextual data to Google Activity Recognition subject to Google’s privacy policy.

Motorola Connect

Motorola Connect lets you easily connect and manage your Motorola products, like wireless earbuds, Bluetooth devices, wearable devices, and applications that run on your computer. Motorola Connect:

  • Checks your location so it knows which supported devices are nearby.
  • Automatically connects nearby supported devices directly (like over Bluetooth) when they come into range, or over the Internet.
  • Syncs information among supported devices so you can switch among them seamlessly.
  • On non-Motorola mobile devices, we also collect information about how often you use Motorola Connect features and how well Motorola Connect is working.

Additionally, some devices Motorola Connect manages rely on additional information to work

Moto 360 and Moto Body

The Moto 360 smartwatch and the related Moto Body application use sensors built into the wearable device to collect wellness-related data like your heart rate, step count, and calories so you can track your progress towards daily and weekly activity goals. You can also create a wellness profile by providing demographic information like your height, weight, gender, and age. This will help your Moto 360 and Moto Body provide more accurate wellness information. If you use the Moto Body Running feature, Moto Body will also track and display your location on your device.

Moto 360 and Moto Body can upload your wellness profile, data, and location to our cloud and add it to your user profile. We use this information to provide you with access to more accurate wellness information like activity statistics over time. We also use it to create new, personalized features for your Moto 360, Moto Body and other Motorola products.

To delete a run, touch ☰ > Running. Touch the run you want to delete, then touch ⋮ > Delete run. To remove all your Moto Body activity data, contact

Moto 360 and Moto Body may also collect information about how often you use Moto 360 and Moto Body and how they’re working.

Communications from Lenovo

If you choose to receive communications from Lenovo, such as via e-mail or in-product push notifications, we will collect personal and non-personal information about you to help us manage these communications. We will collect your name, email address and possibly additional personal information you choose to provide, and will use this information to send you product support announcements and promotional messages. If you no longer wish to receive communications from Lenovo, you may unsubscribe by using the unsubscribe link in our promotional messages. Data charges may apply to receiving such communications on mobile devices.

Single Sign-on from your Social Media Account

You can access your Lenovo account by signing on through various social media sites such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. If you choose to sign on using this service, Lenovo will collect certain information from your social media account, including your public profile, email address, birthday, contact lists, interests, likes, and current city. Lenovo will link this information to your Lenovo profile and may use this information for analysis and internal marketing purposes if you have chosen to receive such messages. The information provided may be dependent on the privacy setting you have with your social media account.

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