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Lenovo Privacy Statement | Lenovo US For Small Business

Posted by hermancopystars on 12/29/2022

Lenovo collects information about you and your Lenovo Product(s) and uses this information to keep your Lenovo Product(s) working their best and help you make the most of them. Please note that, in certain circumstances, if you do not provide us with personal information where needed, we may not be able to provide you with the Lenovo Products, attached services, experiences or functionalities that you have requested. The following describes how we collect, use and share information about you or your product in certain contexts. To learn more about how specific applications may collect and use information, please see the sections of this statement entitled “Lenovo applications” and “Motorola applications”.

Your user profile:

Your user profile may consist of information, including personal information, we may have gathered from you voluntarily while interacting with Lenovo, such as your use of certain areas of our websites; your Lenovo ID, MyAccount, Passport or Motorola ID account; your contact with our customer service representatives; Lenovo Product(s) registration information; and from certain Lenovo Products and services that you use. Your user profile allows Lenovo to:

  • Give certain Lenovo Products and services the information they need to function
  • Troubleshoot problems you may have with a Lenovo Product, service or website;
  • Suggest ways to make your Lenovo Products, services and our websites work better;
  • Provide you with news, updates, and information about your Lenovo Products and services; and
  • If you choose to receive marketing communications, provide you with information about additional Lenovo Products or services that you may be interested in.

The following sections describe in further detail the types of information that may be contained within a user profile, how Lenovo uses that information, whether that information is shared with any third parties, and certain choices you may have regarding the information.

Lenovo ID, Motorola ID and Lenovo Product registration:

When you choose to create a Lenovo ID, a Motorola ID, register your Lenovo Product, or create an account through My Account or Passport, we will collect information, including personal information, about you and your Lenovo Product(s). We use your Lenovo ID or Motorola ID and related registration and account information to identify you including when you use certain of our software applications (such as Lenovo Vantage) and our interactive services (like our online stores and customer support sites).

If you choose to create a Lenovo ID or Motorola ID or to register your products, we will need to collect certain information from you such as your name, address, email address, language, region/country, product type/model, product serial number, date of product registration, and activation data about your operating system. We will use this information to administer your account or profile; provide services that you requested; and to provide you with communications, including marketing messages that you choose to receive from Lenovo. The information collected and retained by Lenovo for these purposes may be shared with our service providers so that they may provide data hosting, processing and marketing services to and on behalf of Lenovo.

You may change your Lenovo ID password or deactivate your Lenovo ID account by visiting and navigating to “My Profile” or submit a privacy request to Lenovo. You can manage your Motorola ID account by visiting or submit a privacy request to Motorola.

Product functionality and usage:

Certain Lenovo Products, software and services automatically collect and store necessary performance information in order to operate. This information includes product and device identifiers, technical data and other non-personal information. Some of this information may be transmitted to Lenovo’s servers. While you use your Lenovo Product(s), basic application installation information will also be collected automatically. This includes such things as whether an application is installed or enabled on your Lenovo Product.

The usage information we collect for this purpose does not directly identify you or your Lenovo Product(s) unless you have chosen to enable certain services such as “Enhanced Device Support” or “Help Improve” functionality on your Lenovo Products as described below and/or have opted-in to receive marketing communications from Lenovo.

We use this software usage information to analyze the performance of Lenovo applications; to develop enhanced improvements for future versions; and to send you service and support-related (e.g., non-marketing) communications. This information may be shared with our service providers, such as data hosting, processing and software development partners who support Lenovo Products.

If you wish to deactivate this information collection, you may do so in the privacy settings within the specific product or application. To deactivate the collection of certain software usage information, you can open the Lenovo Product’s settings application and turn off usage statistics collection (or a similarly worded option/toggle); or uninstall a particular application in the device’s control panel or through the settings menu.

Keeping your software up to date:

We automatically collect certain limited non-personally identifiable information about your Lenovo Product(s) to identify whether the software you are using is the most up to date version, to provide you with software updates (including security updates), to develop new products and software features, and to fix bugs so that your Lenovo Product(s) run smoother and more efficiently.

Enhanced Device Support and Helping to improve our products and services:

You may choose to provide us with additional information about your use of Lenovo Products and software by enabling “Enhanced Device Support”, “Help Improve”, “User Experience Program”, or similar functionality on your Lenovo Product.

“Enhanced Device Support” on Motorola devices allows you to provide us with additional information about how you use your device so that we may provide more effective or enhanced customer support, including tailored troubleshooting or similar support services. On Motorola devices, you can select the “Enhanced Device Support”” option at set-up or in Settings. You can later turn off this setting if you prefer.

You may also choose to provide us with additional information about how you use your Lenovo Product(s) and software to help improve Lenovo’s Products. This “Help Improve” option is normally found at set-up or in settings in your Lenovo Product or application. If you decide that you do not want to allow Lenovo to collect “Help Improve” information, you may turn off the option for this product data collection in the settings of your Lenovo Product or in a particular application (such as Lenovo Vantage), or uninstall the particular application.

The types of information that we may collect from you or your Lenovo Product in these contexts can include your Lenovo Product’s serial, device ID or IMEI number; product type/model; the phone number associated with a Lenovo or Motorola smartphone product; IP address; and Lenovo Product usage information. This usage information may include information about how you use your Lenovo Product and its components, such as instrumentation and system functionality.

In the Lenovo PC context, unless you choose to be contacted by Lenovo, this information is kept in a non-personally identifiable format. In the Lenovo and Motorola smartphone context, “Enhanced Device Support” and “Help Improve” data is identifiable to a user or device.

Such information may be used to:

  • Identify performance trends of Lenovo Products and software
  • Troubleshoot problems that you are having with your Lenovo Product or software
  • Develop new product features for future models
  • Deliver an overall better user experience
  • Send you non-marketing communications related to service and support for your Lenovo Product

Lenovo uses data hosting and processing services providers to support Lenovo in these “Enhanced Device Support”, “Help Improve” and related activities.

Lenovo and Motorola applications – Additional details:

The following sections describe how certain Lenovo and Motorola software applications handle your information. Please note that these descriptions may not include all Lenovo or Motorola applications available for or on your Lenovo Product. In addition, not all Lenovo Products support all Lenovo or Motorola applications, and different Lenovo or Motorola applications may be available to you and may vary, depending on which Lenovo Product(s) you own and where you are located. Some of the applications described below may be preloaded onto your Lenovo Product or made available for download via an online software or app store.

Lenovo applications:

Lenovo Welcome:

Lenovo Welcome is an in-device application that welcomes new users of Lenovo Products, including PCs. Within approximately 24 hours after setting up certain Lenovo Products, Lenovo Welcome initiates to help guide you through the Lenovo experience, including the features of your Lenovo Product; to introduce Lenovo Vantage (described below); to make special offers from Lenovo and its partners available to users who choose to receive them; and more. Lenovo collects only basic (non-personally identifiable) device and application-related information and metrics via Lenovo Welcome for these purposes.

Lenovo Vantage:

Lenovo Vantage (replacing Lenovo Companion) is an app that keeps your device up and running and helps you to do more with your PC. Features and functionality of Lenovo Vantage include:

  • Personalize your Lenovo PC with custom settings.
  • Access to Lenovo Migration Assistant, an application that transfers files and settings from one PC to another one (described below).
  • Protect your PC and update important system software and drivers.
  • Evaluate system health and run diagnostics on your device.
  • Access to Lenovo Smart Performance, a Lenovo-delivered entitlement and performance insurance service designed to automatically fix issues that may present a risk to PC performance.
  • Access your system’s user guide, and get support.
  • Download and install, redeem or recover software your device is entitled to.
  • Discover other fun and useful applications.
  • View accessories compatible with your device.
  • Receive offers on Lenovo and other products and services.
  • Identify warranty status, options and upgrades.
  • Get helpful tips and stay up-to-date on the latest technology news with articles from Lenovo.
  • Lenovo Security Console provides an invisible layer of protection for your cloud applications. See Lenovo Security Console for more information.
  • Security Advisor contains a suite of security tools recommended by Lenovo and vetted by security professionals.
  • Receive news and weather forecasts (powered by third parties).
  • Customize, optimize, and monitor hardware components on gaming devices.
  • Download and install, redeem or recover software that is entitled to the device.

Lenovo Vantage will collect your PC’s device identifiers and event and usage data, such as system functionality, application use and support information. In addition, if you set your PC to automatically update according to location or network accessibility, Lenovo Vantage will collect corresponding data, such as Wi-Fi and VPN information, to seamlessly update your system. This information will be stored on your PC, and information about your use of Lenovo Vantage may be shared with Lenovo only if you opt-in to such data collection. Lenovo does not share this information externally except for data hosting services and processors that Lenovo may use from time to time.

Lenovo Smart Privacy Services:

Lenovo Smart Privacy Services (LSPS), powered by Aura, is an intelligent software that empowers you to enhance your privacy protection while you surf, browse, and shop online. If you choose to enable it, Lenovo Smart Privacy provides the following features:

  • Privacy Scan” is the service in LSPS that scans the Lenovo Device for credentials; uses the credentials to discover any evidence that your personal information (accounts information in the form of an email) was posted in a possible unlawful manner on the dark web and delivers an obfuscated report of findings requiring a verified email to see the full report.
  • Monitor” is the service within LSPS that monitors your personal information for data leaks and helps to remove/opts-out your personal information from known marketing databases and data brokers.
  • Control” is the service within LSPS that enables Personal VPN and Anti-tracking.
  • Vault” is the service within LSPS that collects, stores, form-fills your personal data into web forms, and encrypts and decrypts your personal information.

To provide LSPS functionality, if you choose to enable LSPS, Aura will collect certain personal information from you including your email address; account username and password; payment information; IP address; and certain other device and performance data. Personal information collected by Aura on behalf of Lenovo in order to host and support LSPS is stored encrypted both locally and in Aura’s enterprise data system. In addition, Lenovo collects basic (non-personally identifiable) device and application-related information and metrics via LSPS. For more information on LSPS, review the Lenovo Smart Privacy Services Powered by Aura Privacy Notice, which is linked within the LSPS application.

Lenovo Display Plus:

Lenovo Display Plus allows users to save and launch commonly used layouts on their PC. A layout is the organization of windows that a user has open on their computer. Users can quickly switch between different saved layouts such as presentation layout, gaming layout, etc. Displays Plus works by recognizing locally saved apps and files and remembers the orientation and organization of the windows management. Display Plus can also detect files and apps that are currently open on the PC. We only collect basic information about the software such as version number in order to provide you with an updated version.

Lenovo Smart Appearance:

Lenovo Smart Appearance is an AI-based application to improve video conferencing experience. It works as a virtual driver and can be loaded by multiple conference applications and online teaching or live streaming clients. This app helps users enhance camera effects, especially for video conferencing. It provides multiple functions such as smart configuration of facial features, background blur, eye contact correction, face framing, light correction and other effects in scenarios that use the camera. We collect metrics data about how our application has been used in order to improve this software, which can be turned off at Settings. No personal data is collected.

Lenovo Aware:

Lenovo Aware is a locally-operated software on a Lenovo PC that processes video streams locally in real time by accessing the built-in camera with user permissions to analyze user status and supplies functions including Break Reminder, Distance Detection, Sitting Posture Detection, Attention Detection and Fatigue Detection, etc. Lenovo Aware provides flexible settings to meet user-defined needs, including youth and general-mode options, reminder sensitivity, various thresholds and so on. In addition, Lenovo Aware also provides statistics for the user on PC usage time, sitting posture and other functions so users can adjust accordingly. Lenovo Aware does not collect any personal or user data. All images are processed locally. Lenovo only collects metrics and instrumentation data, such as function switches, general statistics, software usage time, function strictness settings and so on to improve software quality.

Lenovo Migration Assistant:

Lenovo Migration Assistant (LMA) is a tool that helps move files and eases the setup of a new PC. LMA is launched via Lenovo Vantage and uses your Wi-Fi connection to allow you to send your files from one PC to another. You can log in to the LMA application on both PCs with your Lenovo ID account. To provide this functionality, LMA will have access to your operating system version, .NET framework version, brand of PC, brand of network adapter and Wi-Fi frequency. Lenovo does not collect or retain any personally identifiable information or your files when they are transferred using LMA. However, Lenovo does collect certain basic (non-personally identifiable) device and application-related data and metrics. Lenovo may use data hosting processing services providers to support these activities.

LMA may also provide you with the opportunity to use Dropbox as a file storage service if you choose. Please see Dropbox’s privacy statement and terms of use for more information on its privacy practices.

Lenovo System Health Manager:

Lenovo System Health Manager allows users the ability to monitor the health of their PCs, optimize performance, and take action to avoid problems. To provide this functionality, the application will analyze certain basic (non-personally identifiable) device and application information, such as event, Windows build number, BIOS, embedded controller and device driver versions. If the user chooses to allow it, Lenovo will also collect anonymous usage stats, including information on the system’s power consumption and probable cause of any power-related issues.

Legion Arena:

Legion Arena is a game library manager that aggregates a user’s entire game library into one application. Users can manage games from Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox Game Pass, and other popular game platforms through Legion Arena. Users can view detailed descriptions of every game in their library, see popular games being played by all users, and get access to exclusive rewards and giveaways. Lenovo does not collect any personal data, nor does Lenovo share any data with others. In addition, Lenovo is not partnered or associated with the aforementioned game platforms.

What’s New:

What’s New detects whether there is an update for the installed apps on certain Lenovo tablet products, and pops up tips for update. To provide this functionality, What’s New will need to detect the list of apps already installed on the device, and collect the device SN number and software version number.

Tablet Centre:

Tablet Centre (TC) is a tool that provides basic information about a Lenovo tablet product, such as remaining storage space, etc. TC provides users with device usage guidelines and can recommend products. TC can have access to certain device permissions such as reading the user’s Lenovo ID login status (synchronized with the settings status, obtaining the total storage space and the used storage space of the device, and read the user’s usage time of each application, screen use time, as well as other information like the device’s SN, Lenovo ID, country, language, etc. You can turn off the push-notifications in the Settings section.

AI Experience Center

AI Experience Center (AIEC) is an application for tablets that includes face unlocking, fingerprint unlocking and Wonder Experience Center (scene smart reminders). Scene smart reminders can extend screen-on time if a face is detected in front of the screen and the device is about to automatically shut down the screen. Close-to-bright-screen can automatically light up a screen if a face is detected to be approaching a locked screen. Distance reminder can remind a user to keep a distance to the device if the user is detected to stay too close to a screen. To provide this functionality, AIEC needs access to the device’s camera. The camera will only detect the user’s status in front of the device. All user data is processed locally without leaving the device.

Motorola applications:


Motorola’s Camera application allows you to:

  • Tag your photos and videos with location data. When you share tagged photos with others, you will also share the location information. If you choose to geo-tag your photos and videos, this app will use the information to help organize your views. Lenovo does not otherwise collect, retain or share this location information.
  • Launch the application without touching the screen by using contextual data derived from sensors to detect a launch gesture.
  • Take better pictures by using face detection and other analytics on what is in your viewfinder to deliver the best image, which may occur before or after you triggered the shutter. You can compare the best image with the original picture you captured and select which images to keep. Face detection information stays on your phone and is not uploaded to Motorola or shared externally.

To help us troubleshoot performance issues, Camera will store image quality information in your photos’ metadata.

Device Help:

Device Help (previously known as Moto Help) provides users with the following features:

  • Learn how to use your Motorola phone and fix issues
  • Moto Care – Check device warranty status, buy extended warranty and accident protection (US only)
  • Device diagnosis – Check operation of hardware components, including battery, touch screen, speakers, cameras, Wi-Fi, and sensors
  • Contact us – Options for contacting Support, including chat (some models only), email (some models only), Twitter, Messenger (India, US only), WhatsApp (India only), and to access user forums (English, Spanish, and Portuguese)
  • Service center – Search for service centers near you (India only)

If Device Help is used, Motorola may collect product serial number, IMEI or other device ID; IP address; MAC address; product usage information; application performance information; and, if Moto Care or Contact Us functionality is used, user name and contact information. Motorola may use data hosting, processing and customer service providers to support Motorola’s customer service and Device Help activities.

Digital TV:

Where supported, Motorola Digital TV brings a broadcast TV experience to your mobile device, with the additional support of the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and Ginga for user interactivity. Users may also record the TV programs they like and choose when to watch their favorite programs. Digital TV collects certain non-personally identifiable application event-based data, such as which channels are launched via Digital TV.

Moto (Personalize, Gestures, Tips, Display, Play):

Moto makes your device more responsive by giving you more ways to control and interact with it. Moto makes it easier for you to get important notifications, control your device with your voice and gestures, and automate useful settings changes depending on where you are or what you may be doing at the time.

Gestures (formerly Moto Actions) makes it easier to interact with your Motorola products by letting you use simple gestures to perform tasks quickly. For example, through Gestures (Moto Actions) you can:

  • Twist your wrist quickly to open the camera anytime.
  • Swipe down to the left or right to make the screen smaller for one-handed use.
  • Turn your flashlight on or off by making two “chopping” motions; among other actions.

Moto Display will show important notifications on the screen of supported products so you can get quick access to them without having to power on the screen or unlock your home screen. Moto Display accesses certain content like your contacts, calendar entries, along with other apps and the notifications they send you.

To complete these tasks, Moto:

  • Collects information about your Motorola device’s current location and uploads it to Motorola to help identify places of interest and to determine when you may be in a vehicle.
  • Uses contextual data obtained from your Motorola device’s microphone and sensors like the accelerometer and gyroscope to determine when to activate certain modes, but does not upload it to Motorola.
  • Accesses user-generated content like your calendar entries, contacts, and call history, but does not upload it to Motorola.

Motorola uses data hosting and processing service providers to support these activities. In addition, Moto utilizes Google Activity Recognition to help understand contextual data and determine which modes to activate. Once transferred to Google, the contextual data is handled in accordance with Google’s Terms of Service and Google’s privacy policy. Google’s privacy policy also provides further information on Google’s data collection and protection practices related to other Google analytics and product development tools that Motorola may use from time to time.

Moto Face Unlock:

If enabled on certain Motorola devices, Moto Face Unlock lets you unlock your device by simply looking at the display. To function, the device will need to “enroll” your face detection information (using the Camera permission) in the data/cache area of the device. This face enrollment information will not be uploaded to Motorola and will not be shared with third parties. You may later delete your face enrollment information via device Settings.

Moto Feedback:

Moto Feedback lets you rate your device and share feedback with Motorola and Lenovo to help Motorola and Lenovo make improvements that enhance the hardware and software experience. To provide functionality, Moto Feedback will collect Motorola device ID, your contact information and certain non-personally identifiable device and application event and analytics information; you have the option to add a screenshot. Motorola and Lenovo may use third data hosting and processing service providers to support these activities. External software development partners may also have access to certain non-personally identifiable feedback information in order to troubleshoot problems or to improve the Motorola device experience.

Hello You and Motorola Notifications:

Where available, Hello You and Motorola Notifications provide tips for using your Motorola device, information and diagnostics for the device; allow you to receive technical assistance and customer service via chat or phone; and provide customized content and communications based on your interests, such as entertainment, news, sports and more.

If you choose to use Hello You, you must log in to the app with your Google account information. To function, Hello You collects your Motorola device identifiers, Google account information, IP address, user interactions with app content, and certain related device and app usage data while using Hello You. We use the information described to measure the use of our app; to improve the content of our app; and to provide tailored content for each user, which may include targeted advertisements. We may also use your device IP address to collect information about your general location through your device IP address. For Hello You to provide tailored content, you must provide your interests in areas such as entertainment, sports, politics, business and technology. To deliver this experience, Motorola may share this information with its content and marketing partners, such as news services, marketing agencies and advertising partners; and with data hosting and processing service partners. You may choose to disable the Hello You app at any time and you may also modify your selected areas of interest by accessing the preferences in your account settings page.

Motorola Notifications allows you to receive product related information and offers from Motorola and select partners that are relevant to you, including notifications on software updates, tips & tricks, information about new products and services, and invitations to participate in studies or surveys to help improve Motorola’s products and services. If you opt-in to receive marketing communications via Motorola Notifications, Motorola will send these communications as “push” notifications on your device and Motorola will collect your name, contact information, Motorola device identifiers, and non-personally identifiable device and application metrics and instrumentation data. The information collected may be shared with data hosting and processing service providers, marketing agencies and advertising partners, and survey research partners of Motorola so that they can support activities for Motorola Notifications. You may opt out of receiving push notifications at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe button in the app or by using the unsubscribe option that is presented when you click on the notifications you receive.

Moto Body:

The Moto Body application, which is no longer supported by Motorola but which may still be used on certain smart watches, uses sensors built into the wearable device to collect wellness-related data like your heart rate, step count, and calories so you can track your progress towards daily and weekly activity goals. You can also create a wellness profile by providing demographic information like your height, weight, gender, and age. This will help your Moto Body provide more accurate wellness information. If you use the Moto Body Running feature, Moto Body will also track and display your location on your device.

Moto Body can upload your wellness profile, data, and location to our cloud and add it to your user profile. We use this information to provide you with access to more accurate wellness information like activity statistics over time.

To delete a run, touch > Running. Touch the run you want to delete, then touch > Delete run. To remove all your Moto Body activity data, contact

Except for data hosting and processing services that may be used by Motorola, none of the information described above is shared externally.

Ready For:

Ready For amplifies your Motorola phone’s capabilities by connecting to any monitor or display. With Ready For PC, access your phone apps and your PC files on the same screen. You can even move files back and forth between your devices. Motorola collects non-personally identifiable device and application-related information and metrics.

The following sections describe additional situations in which Lenovo may collect, use and/or share personal or non-personal information about you. Some of this information may also be retained as part of your Lenovo user profile, described above.

Marketing, promotions, surveys, and events:

If you receive marketing, advertising or promotional communications from Lenovo and/or its partners – such as via e-mail or in-product push notifications – or if you choose to participate in an event, contest or survey, we will collect personal and non-personal information about you to help us manage these campaigns and communications, or to facilitate your participation. In particular, we may collect your name, address, email address, phone number, age or date of birth, Lenovo Product information, your user profile data and additional personal information you choose to provide. We may use this information to send to you product support notices; announcements; newsletters; and, when allowed by applicable laws, invitations to complete customer satisfaction surveys.

Lenovo and selected service providers or partners – including marketing, advertising, surveys and events companies – may also use the information you provide to conduct promotional, customer satisfaction or product support activities on Lenovo’s behalf or as part of a joint event or promotion between Lenovo and that company. Lenovo may also use data hosting and processing service providers to support these activities, as well as external tools to help us learn more about consumer trends, marketing email open/click rates, and so forth. In addition, we may acquire data from third party sources, such as consumer research firms, in order to supplement the information that we collect from you.

You will receive transactional communications from Lenovo such as order confirmations. You are not required to subscribe to receive Lenovo marketing communications to purchase a product from Lenovo. You may choose to unsubscribe by following the instructions included in those communications; by changing your preferences in your account settings; or you can submit a request to Lenovo or submit a request to Motorola.

Loyalty programs:

Lenovo may offer its customers the opportunity to participate in loyalty programs that offer discounts, coupons or other incentives. While these programs are entirely optional and participation is not a requirement for purchasing from Lenovo, they require the collection of certain personal information from you if you do choose to participate.

The information collected for purposes of enrolling and participating in a Lenovo loyalty program may include your name, address, email address, phone number, age or date of birth, Lenovo Product information, your user profile data, and possibly additional personal information you choose to provide. This information may be shared with service providers or partners of Lenovo to manage loyalty programs on Lenovo’s behalf. Lenovo may also use third party data hosting and processing companies to support these activities. You may end your participation in a Lenovo loyalty program by following any steps set forth by the applicable loyalty program rules.

Single Sign-On from your social media accounts:

You may be able to access Lenovo Product experiences, such as Lenovo Vantage, and Lenovo account information by signing on through various social media sites such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. If you choose to sign on using these services, Lenovo may collect personal information from your social media account including your public profile, email address, age or date of birth, contact lists, interests, likes, and current city. Your social media service provides this information to Lenovo pursuant to your social media profile settings and that site’s terms of service.

Lenovo may append this information to your Lenovo profile and may use this information to help inform our marketing campaigns and to send you marketing communications you have chosen to receive. The information provided may be dependent on the privacy setting you have with your social media account. Please see the privacy statements of your applicable social media services for further information.

Customer service, quality monitoring, and repair:

Certain Lenovo Product and service support activities may also involve you contacting Lenovo or Lenovo contacting you, including by phone, email or chat. Please note that, in these cases, we may record calls for staff training and quality assurance purposes. To provide you with the service or support that you have requested, such as requesting technical support or repair under a warranty for your Lenovo Product, Lenovo customer service personnel may also collect and access personal information about you, such as your user profile, account information, contact information, Lenovo Product and service identifiers, and information about how you use your Lenovo Product and service.

Some Lenovo customer service personnel work for service providers that supply such services to Lenovo and its customers and may have access to information about you in this context. Lenovo uses data hosting, processing and communications service providers (such as online chat tools) to support these activities.

In addition, authorized Lenovo distributors, resellers or repair providers for Lenovo Products may also have access to certain customer service, quality assurance and product information described herein to support your product or to provide a service that you have requested, such as repair services under a warranty for your Lenovo Product.

Mergers and acquisitions:

Circumstances may arise when Lenovo decides to sell, buy, merge, or otherwise reorganize businesses in some countries. You will be notified via email and/or a prominent notice on our website of any change in ownership or uses of your personal information, as well as any choices you may have regarding your personal information. Such a transaction may involve the disclosure of personal information to prospective or actual purchasers or receiving it from sellers.

Legal requirements and to enforce Lenovo’s rights:

It is possible that personal information will be subject to judicial or other government subpoenas, warrants, orders, or criminal and anti-fraud investigations. Therefore, when we believe in good faith that the law requires it, we may disclose personal or other information to regulatory or government bodies, courts of law, tribunals, and law enforcement agencies. We may also need to disclose personal or other information to protect our rights, protect your safety or the safety of others, or to investigate theft or fraud. In addition to the above, there may be circumstances that require us to disclose your personal information to other parties, including, but not limited to, legal advisers or debt collection agencies.

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